Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting Started with Project Life

Project Life can be a very simple way to scrapbook all of your memories. Most of us now have phones with a camera on them and that is how 90% or more of all our photos are taken.  Only once in awhile do we have our "good" cameras with us.  And most of the time the pictures I take on my phone are not ones I would deem "scrap-able", but they are the pictures that truly show what is going on in our lives. I have over 700 photos on my phone. I take pictures of all kinds of things. And so does my daughter. I sometimes look at my phone and have over 20 photos of her just making faces at it. I want to get these moments into my albums as well and project life is perfect for this!

Basic project life protectors come with different slot orientations for photos and have journaling cards and things to add to them. Below is a sample of some of the different combinations of protectors. You just print and add your photos in the spaces provided then fill in with journaling or small photos.

Other than starting out with a basic PL kit (album, protectors, and card inserts) I would suggest a couple apps for your phone as well. These are not necessary but they make it even easier (if that's possible) to get your photos into your albums. The first app is Momento (I believe this is only an iphone app right now, but their are others available for android).  This app is like a journal for your phone and it also pulls your feeds from your facebook and other social media sites. Yes, you could use any other journal app but along with letting you add all your little moments if you are just adding it and want to use a photo on your phone that you maybe don't remember the exact date it was taken, when you click the photo it asks if you want to use the date/time the photo was taken as its date! That feature alone is completely awesome! So many times I take photos and then when I go to do my layouts I can't remember when it was taken. Sure I may know the general week I took it (not usually, lol) but this adds the EXACT day and time! The other thing I am loving about this is it has reminders for a daily photo so you remember to document something, and it pops up a reminder asking "how was your day" as a journaling prompt so that if you are as forgetful as me, you still will be able to jot down anything that happened that you want to remember!

The second app you need is PICFRAME. This app works so great with your phone. Project life has 4x6 and 6x4 photo slots along with 3x2 and 2x3 and with picframe you do not need to use a computer program such as photoshop to put two photos on one 4x6 picture to be printed.

Here is a screen shot of picframe and some of the layouts it has.  The highlighted one is the one I use most often. If you can look close in the top right corner of the picframe photo you can see it says 3:2 that is the ratio you want to add two photos for a 4x6. If your photos are more horizontal click the 3rd little block and make sure your ratio is 2:3.

They will print on a 4x6 picture together and you can leave the little border or get rid of it. Then all I do is cut them apart and round the edges if I want. 

I also keep the walgreens app on my phone and upload the photos to walgreens at the end of each week for my project life albums. 

To simplify it even more, I keep all these apps in one folder on my homescreen of my phone so that are all together and easily accessible. 

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