Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Project Life Storage

So you have just started Project Life, or maybe you have been doing it for awhile. Regardless of which you either have more cards then you will probably ever use or you soon will.  While the boxes that the Becky Higgins core and mini kits come in are nice, that is probably not what you will want to keep your cards in.

While I am sure I don't have nearly as many cards as many that get some subscription kits and things do, I have a good size stash.  I will be honest and I did have many of them in the original boxes just because they would stack on the shelf nicely and I wasn't sure where else to put them. But they were not being used that way. I would tend to use the ones that were out near my desk and the ones in the boxes were staying in the boxes.

If you have read any of my recent blog posts then you have heard me mention that my son is redoing my scrapbook room for my birthday.  So all my things got boxed up and moved out of the room so that he could drywall. That got me thinking about my storage and what I wanted to put back in the room when it was done.  I was lucky enough to see this old card catalog in a store window a few months ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. So that was my husbands birthday present to me.

I have 30 wonderful drawers now to keep all my project life items in!! I am over the moon about this!

It is not in perfect condition and I thought about painting it but nothing else in my room matches anyway, why should this. I still need to take the little stickers they had on it off, and put the drawer pulls back on some of the drawers that I took out but I am so happy that the cards fit!  The 4x6 cards I just have in the back of the drawers with their kits.

The top half of 15 drawers actually comes off the bottom so I think that I am going to split it up when I take it to my scrapbook room. (it is in my living room until my room is finished and man is it heavy even when empty)

Here is a close up of the cards in the drawer. This is almost an entire blush core kit in this drawer. The little adjustment things still worked after I removed the bars that the card catalog files were on so it even holds the cards up! LOVE THIS!!!

Now I know many of you like to take project life with you and work on it. This next item may not be the prettiest but I am sure you could dress it up with some papers.

I was in Lowes (probably my favorite NON craft store) and happened to come upon this organizer box made by Kobalt. It is called a 10 compartment organizer. And I bought this with every intention of coming home and using it to put my PL cards in. (before I bought my card catalog)

Well it just so happened that shortly after getting home that evening, my daughters toy box got spilled, and she asked me to help her put everything back in it. I noticed all the little polly pocket, monster high and other pieces in the bottom and went and grabbed this for her tiny toy pieces.

It worked great for her and she picks everything back up and is excited not to have to dig for a missing shoe or purse. But what about project life? Would it fit the cards? I mean that is what I bought it for to begin with.

Well these are 2 of the inserts taken out of the box. The small ones hold the smaller cards but they are a tight fit. I don't think they would easily fall out if you dropped it. The 2 larger boxes (and there are only 2) hold the 4x6 cards with a little wiggle room. You can see 1/2 of a sunshine? kit in these boxes. 

Here is the entire inside picture of the box. I removed some toys to test it out. There are 8 small boxes and 2 large plus the space at the bottom (where the doll skates are) is an open area that would hold journaling pens or glue, etc. I think you could easily put 4 or so core kits or a couple with different minis in here and have an insert or two for embellies and it closes nice and secure. None of the little pieces have came out when it was closed and being carried by my 6 year old so I believe I need to buy me one for a portable PL carrying case. Now to just figure out how to pretty it up. 


  1. Love it ... I need to find one. Thanks for sharing with us

  2. Beverly they have another one but it was not cheap


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