Saturday, October 11, 2014

Got Pictures?

Do you take lots of pictures?  With the convenience of having a camera on almost every cell phone now, more and more people are taking even more photos then ever before. You don't need to remember to bring the "good" camera with you to an event and even every day ordinary photos are being documented.  Now here is the question, what do you do with those photos after you take them? Do you put them on facebook, instagram or twitter?  Maybe if they were cute or funny. Do they get uploaded to your computer or backup hardrive with thought of printing some of them some day? How many actually get printed so they can be looked at in the future? 

Scrapbooking used to be pretty popular but you needed lots of time to make a layout just right, or needed the perfect photos to use and your average snap shots and life just didn't make the cut to put all that time into. 

That has changed! 

Your everyday life are things you want to remember. The cute fun stuff your kids do, or the places you visit with your spouse. Maybe even just the traffic jam caused by a gaggle of geese crossing the road! (yes, that did happen to us just last week, my son didn't find the irony of them honking at the cars nearly as funny as I did)  The Project Life style of scrapbooking will get those photos off your phone and into an album so that they can be looked back upon even after you have upgraded to a new phone.

And it is EASY! Really EASY! And it doesn't take much room, supplies or money!  All you need to get started is an album, protectors, a kit and your photos. That's it! You can embellish more if you want but it's cute enough without the need for more and your pictures will be treasured like they should be. 

Wouldn't it be great to look back in 10 years and see how much has changed, (or stayed the same!) 
Let me help you get those memories out of your phones and computers and into something you can hold and keep. 

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