Friday, September 19, 2014

It's here!!!!!

And no it's not the new catalog. Not yet anyway. What I am over the moon excited for today is the new Project Life app!!!  It is in the app store and has a minimal cost of only $2.99 with some in app purchases available.

So why is it that I am so excited about this app? Well I have shown you how I try to do my project life, by taking pics each week, and using memento to store my information and journaling, then I use pic frame and upload all my pictures each week to walgreens. That part I usually am very good about remembering to do.

What I am not so good at doing is getting the photos actually INTO the albums. It is not a hard or complicated process or even time consuming. Why it is so hard is all of my scrapbooking stuff is in my stamp room in the basement and I just don't get down there as often as I want. So it never fails, I pic up my printed pics and I have tons leftover because I have printed at any size I think I may want or I don't have the right size picture even after doing that.

This app helps that!! I have been using a printable PL sheet in my daytimer up until the app came out which was nice because I could kind of sort of plan the layout in advance and have all the journaling notes right there with it. But I couldn't really see where the pics would be, I would just have a note in the space.

This was my insert in my planner. I don't have any notes in any of the picture spots yet because the week was not over and I wasn't sure where I wanted them. 

Here is the 2nd page of the layout for last week in the new app. 

I can see exactly what size pic I want in what spot and change it if I want to. This way I don't waste extra money printing pictures I don't need.  I am very excited to use this app. I know many people will do their entire pages and print them. I think it will just be a sort of planning guide for me. Not even sure the cards I put on there are what I will end up using on the layout  but it's nice to have them. 

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