Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year, A new start!


  Everyone sets goals or resolutions for the New Year. Have you made any? I have. I make some of the same ones over and over every year and most of the time by February many are long forgotten.  I am sure the same will happen with some I  make this year but I really want to keep one in particular. I want to stay caught up on my Project Life album.  
   You would think that would be fairly simple to do. Most of my photos I take with my phone. They should upload automatically to dropbox. For some reason when they do not, if I would take 5 minutes at the end of the day I can quickly push to upload them and journal about the day.  Then once Sunday comes around I can put the pictures into my Project Life app so I can see which size I want to print what and upload that weeks prints to Walgreens where I can pick them up in an hour and theoretically have them all into my album on Monday!  It should seriously only take me 5-10 minutes per day and then maybe 20-30 on Sundays to edit and upload.  So an hour tops and if I do use the PL app, then on Mondays it should be less than 20 minutes to get into the album.  Sounds like a good plan right? We will see. I am not trying to set myself up to fail and don't want to be negative thinking it can't be done BUT if it is so simple, then why am I so far behind in my 2014 album? 

The harder part of what I want to do will be actually taking photos of the completed layouts and posting them to my blog weekly. 

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