Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review

2013 is almost over. I am always a little sad at the passing of a year and start of a new. The kids are getting older and many things didn't get done that I would have liked to have finished. At the start of last year I wanted to do a project life album. I started out fairly strong and I think I completed it until April. After that NOTHING! Then at the beginning of December I had intentions to do a December Daily album with all the pictures from this month. How do you think that is going? I have not done one page. I do have the album, the inserts and embellishments and have taken notes for some of the days, but I didn't get pictures of every day.  So now I am trying to determine how to do better and stay on track for project life next year and if I should just go ahead and do a December Daily album this year with the few pictures I do have.

I think the biggest obstacle is not getting my pictures printed. I take 99% of my pictures each week with my phone. That helps me get more taken because it is always with me but most of them are not what I would normally consider scrapbook worthy. I made the decision last year that I didn't care about that. The kids don't care about the photography and just would like to look back and see their photos. I even lost my good camera in the pool last year when we went to Disney.  I got another nice camera this past fall but have not used it much since they are so bulky.  

So if you do project life or are one of those people that are great about getting your pictures printed, help me figure out a system that will work for me. Give me your tips, tricks and anything that has helped you to get the pictures off your phone and computer and into your albums! And would you do the December Daily album anyway even if you only had about 12 pictures to use? Or would you just put them in your regular album?

This picture is blurry but it was taken in December and will go in my December Daily album if I decide to do it.

All month the cat has been good and just laid under the tree, but after I added presents Christmas eve he must have thought it was too crowded under there and decided he would lay IN the tree instead. 

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