Sunday, December 1, 2013

Endless wishes snowman

Browsing through pinterest and google images, I came across a card I knew I had to make and I did just that today. I actually made 6! Still nowhere near all I need to get done to mail out my Christmas cards but it's a start.  

I used the sold out Endless Wishes stamp set for the snowflakes on this card.  I am so glad I bought that set when I did. The first time I had it in my cart, it sold out, and then it was back when I went to order again and I almost waited until the day after and I am glad I didn't because apparently I was one of the last people to get this awesome set! Those that ordered just 20 minutes after me were saying it was sold out and will not be restocked this time.

This is the midnight muse version of the snowman card. 

Pretty in pink :)

Cherry cobbler of course! Can't make a card without it hardly!

My table of snowmen cards. They are so cute!

This card is almost a complete case and I am hoping someone will recognize the original creator and let me know so I can credit them because I can not find it now. I can't remember what I was even looking for when I came across it.   I really need a better system for saving cards I want to make. Most of the time I do a screen shot of them so they are on my desktop. When they are watermarked, I can usually go to the blog and just search for that card.  Yes, I do use pinterest and save many there (you can actually follow my scrapbooking/cards boards if you want ) but I don't save them all there because where we live we tend to lose our internet alot lately and I want access to the cards without needing to be online.

I do think I found where it came from. Though this is not the exact picture I saw and it was not part of a tutorial where I found it, this looks so much alike including the sentiment used that I am sure it came from here.

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