Monday, March 9, 2009

Wow, I am in shock!

It turns out IRW is closing. I just received my wonderful order from the guy in the big brown truck a couple of days ago and was excited to start doing more parties and crops. Now I am at a dilemma as to what I want to do. I have looked into acbailey designs and they carry alot of the same products IRW carried, including the wishblade and other Xyron items as well as some great items that are geared toward card making and digital scrapbooking. Their catalog can be viewed here (it is a large catalog) I have also thought about joining Stampin' Up because since I am really into card making now I need to grow my rubber stamp collection. Here are my concerns, with the economy the way it is could I sell enough of either to actually make it work? People have heard of Stampin' Up but I think AC Bailey is kind of like IRW and not well known at least in these parts. Because of that there are MANY stampin' up reps in my town alone and only 3 Ac Bailey consultants, not sure if that's a help or hindrance. So which would you prefer to attend a show for? I'm just on the fence as to what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

** Now I have one more option I am throwing in to think about, Memory Works** Great, I have a hard enough time making decisions as it is, lol. But if anyone has any other scrapbook companies they know about please let me know or if you have opinions on one of these ones. I am just so in shock over this. It happened kind of out of the blue.


  1. There are so many stores online and otherwise that seem to be falling with this credit crunch ... such a shame .

  2. Im a SU hobby demo and love it. have tried other companies but love SU the best.
    I just started last month with SU, but im thinking if you are really passionate about your hobby, people will notice and start asking.
    thats how i get customers all the time ;)

    not so much SU orders but card orders ;)


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